A few of the things that you may see in our stores:

  • Organic, local & seasonal ingredients
  • 100% compostable packaging
  • 85% waste reduction through compost and recycling

Eco Gourmet®

Mixt greens is an Eco-Gourmet restaurant that serves environmentally responsible fine food. We source our seasonal ingredients from local and artisanal producers that are as passionate about sustainable business as we are.


Our business puts the earth first from the food we serve (organic, sustainable, and local) to the take-away containers we use (made from 100% compostable corn) to the spaces we occupy (built with renewable, recycled, and environmentally friendly materials).

Green Building

Buildings account for 40% of US carbon emissions so it is essential to improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water conservation and resource conservation. Mixt Greens focuses on these issues in every construction decision and implements the following in each restaurant:

  • Use of zero-volatile organic compound (VOC) paint and formaldehyde-free plywood that doesn’t off-gas toxic chemicals as-well-as 100% recycled paint for dark colors
  • Optimization of energy performance in lighting with compact fluorescents, use of a dual zone HVAC systems, installation of Energy Star rated equipment and appliances, installation of sensors and timers for lights
  • Use of rapidly renewable and recycled materials such as tables made from 100% recycled detergent bottles, palm wood finishes, recycled steel wainscoting, and concrete flooring with high-fly ash content
  • Utilization of natural light and daylight, temperature and ventilation controls, and window tinting on southern exposures
  • All wood products are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified
  • Our spaces were designed by LEED certified, San Francisco architect William Duff of WD Arch.


All Mixt Greens packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable — this includes all containers, utensils, cups, lids, bags, straws, and portion cups. Our packaging is made with a corn biopolymer that uses 62-68% fewer fossil fuel resources in its manufacturing and generates fewer greenhouse gases than traditional plastics.


Mixt Greens has a comprehensive compost and recycling program that enables each restaurant to divert over 90% of all waste from landfills. The restaurants have reusable china and silverware for dining in house and offer various flavors of water in pitchers to discourage bottled water consumption.

This is what our daily waste looks like:

Mixt Greens was rated the “Greenest Restaurant in the Bay Area” by Thimmakka, an independent, not-for-profit organization.


Our menu is the creation of co-founder and Executive Chef Andrew Swallow and is made from scratch daily with the freshest organic and locally sourced ingredients available.

We strive to source our food within 150 miles of each market and only serve free-range, antibiotic and hormone free meat and poultry.

Voted “Best Healthy Lunch” in the San Francisco Bay Area by the San Francisco Chronicle

Above and Beyond

Mixt Greens is an environmental business pioneer and green leader in the restaurant industry and has been since our founding. We strive to be environmentally responsible throughout our operation and minimize our environmental footprint in every way possible.

Carbon Emission Offsetting

Mixt Greens mitigates its carbon emissions by purchasing renewable energy credits through Renewable Choice; a program that guarantees the amount of energy being used by Mixt Greens comes from wind power.

Community Outreach

Mixt Greens supports non-profit environmental organizations through food donations, fund raising events, and program awareness. Mixt Greens strives to educate and inspire its patrons, competitors, and surrounding community.

  • Mixt Greens is a Certified Bay Area Green Business, one of only five restaurants with this designation.
  • Mixt Greens was just rated the ‘Greenest Restaurant in the Bay Area’ by Thimmakka, an independent, not for profit organization!

Organizations we support

Mixt Greens is an active contributor to the following groups:

  • CAFF – Community Alliance With Family Farmers
  • Slow Food USA
  • NRDC – Natural Resources Defense Council
  • E2 – NRDC Environmental Entrepreneurs
  • vBC3 – Business Council on Climate Change